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This is Norm Coombs. I know many on this list are friends of Dick Banks
and are concerned about the details of his cancer. Mayo Clinic has a care
Web page and message board. I had to register an account (free) and when I
go back need that username and password. I had trouble locating the actual
page for Dick. However, I got a notice when the page was updated and I
followed that link and got there without any trouble.

Below is mail I got from his wife about the page.

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>Subject: Care Page for Dick

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>This is just to let everyone know that the Care Page for Dick has been

>set up. We just had his "About Me" narrative sent up on his Care

>Page. As you will read, Dick has had quite a varied and interesting

>life, and, of course, many of you know him as an interesting--and

>unique!--individual from both a personal and professional level. From

>what I've already read from the well wishes from family and friends,

>we know that he is very much loved and respected. This way, we can

>all read about his journey with cancer on his Care Page.


>So, I, and our daughter, invite you to view his Care Page at:



>I'll send you an Invite from the website itself so that you can go to

>Dick's page on your own. I also invite you to send on this

>information to others, since I can't possibly write to everyone about

>this page, since we, and especially Dick, just know way too many

>people to include everyone!


>So now, let's join Dick in this journey, and then let's hope and pray

>that we will see more progress as I have already posted on his Care


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