[Athen] DAISY book question

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I would start by checking if the material is valid. There are free
validation tools on the DAISY Web site at:

There is also a utility to fix most DAISY 2.02 problems from the various
production systems. This regenerator can be found at:


The regenerator also does validation. I normally use this utility to make
sure the books I produce play in all the players.

In your production process you should be checking the structure of your
input document, i.e. that the headings are logical and in a hierarchy, but I
think that is explained with the Dolphin tools.


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> We are using Dolphin Publisher to produce our alt media but are having

> some difficulties with players. Several folks assured me early on that

> DAISY books we produced would play on any DAISY player, but my Telex

> Scholars from RFB&D are skipping around in nonsensical order on a

> recent

> book. Anyone have a clue as to what we can do? I have a lot of

> Scholars and Vibes that we hope to make use of.


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