[Athen] FW: Webinar on Making Surveys Accessible

Sean Keegan skeegan at htctu.net
Mon Jun 16 10:06:47 PDT 2008

Free Webinar from the EASI group on Online Accessible Surveys. Webinar is
at 2PM Eastern Time (that's 11AM for you West coast folks) on Tuesday, July

You can sign-up at: http://easi.cc/clinic.htm

More information below.

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Subject: Webinar on Making Surveys Accessible

Webinar Snapshot: Making Accessible Online Surveys Tue. July 8 at 2 PM
Presenter: Dick Banks

Webinar Snapshots are free, short focused Webinars on specific topics
limited to 20-30 minutes. If you register, you will get information on
where and how to join the Webinar, and you will also get a link to the
archive. Snapshot archives are only kept online for a couple months.

Surveys and forms are a big part of Internet life. Users may choose to fill
out a survey to help in a research project. Surveys are often created to
help sellers determine what products may be of interest to customers.
Visitors may want to answer questions in a poll and review the poll results
to see how they match up with others.

Surveys and polls can be detailed an complex and if they are not created
with accessibility in mind, many with assistive technology are unable to
participate. There are a number of online solutions to creating accessible
forms, surveys and polls and they will be introduced to you in this Webinar

Many of us who are screen reader users have come across such interactive
pages only to realize that the fields are not labeled correctly leaving us
uncertain what information is wanted and unable to know which field is for
which data.

Yes. We know this was scheduled earlier this month and then cancelled. For
those who wrote, we are proud to offer it now.

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