[Athen] Accommodation Suggestions for a High-level Programming Course and a Student who is blind

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As for JAWS scripts for Visual Studio 2005, (Including Visual C# 2005

There is a community effort for those. There is basic support for the form
designer-the tool that visually lays out a GUI-that enable objects to be
selected and placed on the form and moved around. (The underlying movement
keystrokes are actually provided by Visual Studio 2005 which is quite
keyboard friendly.)

The current scripts (which some professional programmers use as well) can
be found here:

Go to www.nonvisualdevelopment.org and click on the JAWS Scripts link.

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Dear Colleagues:

A student who is blind is currently taking an online course in C++ during
our Summer Term. The student was a DOS -based programmer many years ago
before losing his eyesight. Through responses by members of Athen to a
previous inquiry we were able to locate some JAWS scripts for Visual Studio
that helped a great deal. To date the student is passing the C++ course,
albeit with a great deal of assistance by the Division of Blind Services, a
DBS rehab engineer who has set up a new computer at the student's home and
written some JAWS scripts, contracted technical support paid by DBS and
support by our office with respect to producing accessible on-line course
material of various types. The student often expresses frustration over the
number of steps he must remember to navigate the learning management system
and the Visual Studio application. He still has some difficulty navigating
the learning management system without assistance. It is my understanding
that until he undertook the C++ course he used JAWS primarily to read and
write emails, access some web sites and use the word processor. I have made
him aware of several JAWS commands he had never used that are necessary for
access. The textbook for the C++ course has been in production since
December, 2007 and is only now nearing completion. The student, assuming he
passes the C++ course, plans to next take COP2551-OBJECT ORIENT PROGRAMMING
1. The course description is as follows:

This course covers the fundamentals of data structures using the Microsoft
Visual Studio.NET platform. The student is introduced to object-oriented
programming using encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. Fundamental
Windows GUI programming will be introduced using an application-driven
approach. Students will learn concepts such as visual programming, GUI
components, multimedia, file processing, database processing, and exception
handling. Prerequisite: COP1000 with a grade of C or better.

We have some anxiety about how to accommodate the highly visual components
of this next course, secure necessary JAWS scripts for the VISUAL C# 2005
application, and quickly obtain or produce the textbook in an accessible
format. Any suggestions you are willing to give on accommodating this
student will be greatly appreciated.

Larry Kiser, Counselor

Disabilities Resource Center

Santa Fe Community College

Gainesville, FL

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