[Athen] A Dragon question

Wink Harner wink.harner at mcmail.maricopa.edu
Fri Jun 27 08:33:15 PDT 2008

Hi all,

This is a question about DNS use as appropriate accommodation, not a technical
question. A student has multiple disorders including OCD & inability to control
his voice. He is demanding Dragon Naturally Speaking [which would be limited
to use in our adaptive lab where it is loaded --an 8-station lab in the library
with other people working/talking/using computers]. I explained how one has
to speak in grammatically correct (more or less) English and be able to control
tone & pitch reasonably well with the voice in order to receive optimum output
& recognition. He is not asking for this as an accommodation, nor does he
have any documentation that would necessarily support it as an accommodation,
but rather he wants to have it for "taking notes" for personal use and homework.
He is unable to control his anger & frustration and I tried very hard to
explain that there were other, better options which he could use at home,
including purchasing DNS on his own, purchasing a portable speech-to-text
recorder which is a lot more portable. IMHO, the control, both of having
to think in grammatically correct English and of the voice itself would exacerbate
the OCD and not work well with this student.

Any suggestions from you wise ones?



Ms. Wink Harner
Disability Resources & Services
Mesa Community College
Mesa AZ


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