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Thanks Gaier. Appreciate the advice. I think I will prepare my AT staff in
advance for how to work with him in the lab. I made some other recommendations
(well, I thought they were good!) for alternatives, but he wanted nothing
to do with anything else.

Will keep you (all) posted.

Thanks again,


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>You are absolutely correct in all that you say...and my advice, let him


>it anyway. Odds are he'll fail very quickly, and that will be the end of


>He'll move on to the next great idea.


>Any other course of action on your part, and you become "the problem."


>Just my two cents. ;-)



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>Hi all,


>This is a question about DNS use as appropriate accommodation, not a


>question. A student has multiple disorders including OCD & inability to


>his voice. He is demanding Dragon Naturally Speaking [which would be limited

>to use in our adaptive lab where it is loaded --an 8-station lab in the


>with other people working/talking/using computers]. I explained how one


>to speak in grammatically correct (more or less) English and be able to


>tone & pitch reasonably well with the voice in order to receive optimum


>& recognition. He is not asking for this as an accommodation, nor does he

>have any documentation that would necessarily support it as an


>but rather he wants to have it for "taking notes" for personal use and


>He is unable to control his anger & frustration and I tried very hard to

>explain that there were other, better options which he could use at home,

>including purchasing DNS on his own, purchasing a portable speech-to-text

>recorder which is a lot more portable. IMHO, the control, both of having

>to think in grammatically correct English and of the voice itself would


>the OCD and not work well with this student.


>Any suggestions from you wise ones?






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