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Pratik Patel pratikp1 at gmail.com
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I'm afraid, as is the case with many claims from that vendor, That's a bit
of an overstatement. While it supports the interface, JAWS behavior is far
less than what a typical user might expect while navigating in a web
interface. I would highly recommend a standard mail client with pop/imap
support over the web interface. However, if that is absolutely impossible,
then the standard HTML interface is adequate. The Ajaxy interface is only
for advanced users who are not averse to experimenting with various
elements. Luckily, GMail has a few redundancies built in so that, even
drastic actions like deleting one's e-mail accidentally only leads to one
having to go into either the archive or the deleted messages folder to
retrieve all of those messages back.

Hope this helps.


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It is my understanding that Jaws version 9 supports the standard Gmail

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[Athen] Gmail accessibility

My university is considering Google Gmail as a replacement for the current
student email system. I have seen posts discussing Gmail accessibility
issues here in the past.

Can anyone tell me if the Basic HTML interface works well with JAWS 9, and
does it provide the same functionality as the standard Gmail interface?

Thanks in advance.


Jeff Sykes
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Disability Support Services
Division of Inclusion and Equity
Grand Valley State University

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