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CSUN Meeting agendaHi Ron,

An item I would like to add to the agenda is collaborative work among ourselves as accessibility specialists.
We have many highly knowledgeable and energetic members and I believe we can bring these individuals together to work collaboratively on very interesting projects. I know everyone is very busy and has already to much on his/her plate but I strongly believe with some coordination and collaboration efforts we can produce very useful and interesting results. Some of the projects that I am considering to suggest are:

1. Identify minimum accessibility requirements for Learning Management Systems
2. Identify minimum accessibility requirements for WebMail Systems
3. Identify minimum accessibility requirements for online library services
4. Producing technical documentations how to address specific accessibility and accommodation issues
5. Defining general accessibility testing and evaluations that can be integrated by Quality Assurance departments of potential application development companies.

Projects 1-3 can help everyone in particular those with administrative purchasing power to ask very specific accessibility questions when vendors come to their campuses for demonstration of their products. The more vendors are asked about the same or similar accessibility questions, the more they will consider the required accessibility features in their products.
The project 4 can be extremely useful for those colleagues with less accessibility experience and knowledge. This would prevent potential mistakes and can make them more productive and effective at their jobs.
The project 5 can homogenize and unifies our subjective definitions of accessibility and can help and educate any vendors how to test for accessibility of their products.

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Good afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing you that can attend the conference next week. For those of you who may not have gotten the announcement the meeting will be:

Thur March 13th 6:30-8:00

Conferences room #1

Courtyard Marriott Hotel

(Just down Century Blvd back towards the airport a short walk, shuttle service is available from the Embassy Suites to the Courtyard Marriott. Any location or shuttle related complaints should be lodged with the CSUN conference management)

Here are the meeting agenda items I have thus far:



Membership Year

Membership Categories


AHD 2007 Elections

Election Committee

Online Elections

Bylaws Issues

Proposed Changes and modifications


Issue #4

Issue #5

Survey Update

Wiki Update

Student Scholarship Program

Old Business

New Business

If you have further items please send them to me privately and I will add them to the agenda.

Ron Stewart


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