[Athen] Save as DAISY XML

Tom Whalen twhalen at mesastate.edu
Wed May 7 09:12:27 PDT 2008

The new release of Microsoft's new plug in has me a bit confused. My superiors (the ones who think DAISY is a flower) believe
this is an end all solution to our alternate production needs. I am a bit more cautious. I have become a big fan of Dolphin's Producer and Publisher, as I use Producer to convert a book a chapter at a time, because it is easier to train staff and I can also retain the page numbers, as opposed to building the whole book from scratch in Publisher.

I need to clarify to administration the difference on what I am doing now, compared to what I will be able to do with the save as DAISY plug in. Will I still have to add headings to the average MS Word doc? Will the plug in do the same thing as Dolphin's Producer? I'm thinking I will still have to use Publisher to make the entire book into one file. Am I correct in thinking that the new plug in is for vision impaired users to take an average MS Word doc and convert it to a DAISY format and that it is not for use in producing textbooks? I recently increased our licences of Producer and Publisher and my administrator is now asking why. I realize this is all new, but I would appreciate any insight on how this will impact us.


Tom Whalen
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Educational Access Services
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