[Athen] Docsoft

John Foliot - Stanford Online Accessibility Program jfoliot at stanford.edu
Thu May 8 11:50:24 PDT 2008

Wink Harner wrote:


> What experience/hands-on knowledge might any of you have with Docsoft

> software used for captioning?

After some local testing here, I sadly had to abandon any thought of using
DocSoft to create captions: the accuracy rate simply did not meet my
expectations. As a tool for key word scraping and search/archive
possibility it seems to be great, but as a captioning tool/solution you will
be hugely disappointed.

I know that DocSoft have worked hard on beefing up their editing tool, and
they claimed that other institutions have seen success rates of 80%+, but my
experience was far below that within the limited testing I was able to do.

The holy grail of speech to text is still outside of our current reach, and
I suspect we will only see reliable results *after* we see jetcars zooming
around in the air (ala George Jetson), it is simply too hard to do at this


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