[Athen] Adobe Contribute and JAWS

Brusnighan, Dean A. dabrus at purdue.edu
Thu May 22 14:19:57 PDT 2008

We use JAWS on our campus, and I have run into an issue that I don't
know how to resolve. I would appreciate any guidance you might be able
to provide.

An educational technologist colleague has created a template in
Contribute. She plans to make it available to faculty/instructors.
Thus, the template has headers for sections such as "Contact
information", "Syllabus information", and similar. Each header section
(not editable by faculty) is followed by an editable region where the
instructor can copy and paste the appropriate information. My colleague

wants the template to be accessible by an instructor who may be using a
screen reader.

My difficulty is this. Before entering EDIT mode in Contribute, the
template page reads fine with JAWS. However, when I attempted to edit
the page in Contribute, simulating an instructor adding information in
the editable region, the page was no longer accessible enough to be
useful. To be specific, JAWS will not read the headers that identify
each section of the template. Tabbing just skips from one editable
region to another.

Thanks for sharing any insights you might have!



Dean Brusnighan

Information Technology at Purdue

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dabrus at purdue.edu


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