[Athen] Quick question

Scott Ritter SRitter at matcmadison.edu
Wed May 28 11:20:30 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I have a student that uses a BrailleNote and will be taking a basic math class this summer (computation/fractions/very low level algebra). Any ideas or tips on an efficient, reliable and accurate way to provide e-text that will work well with the BrailleNote?

I've tried saving as Type 2 braille in Kurzweil 1000 with marginal results, at best. We're thinking about using Abbyy 9 to OCR, save it as a word document and convert into Duxbury. Are we on the right path?


Scott J. Ritter, MS
Disability Resource Specialist-Aux Aids
Disability Resource Services
Madison Area Technical College-Truax
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