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Here is a possible summer project that might interest some of you. - James
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Subject: Consulting work - AT & Foreign Languages -resending
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The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange provides free
information and referral services related to the participation of people
with disabilities in international exchange programs. The Clearinghouse is
sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S.
Department of State, and is managed by Mobility International USA, which is
celebrating its 27th year as a U.S.-based non-profit organization.

Proposed Project: The Technicalities of Accessing Foreign Language Materials
as a Blind Student

Purpose: To support blind and visually impaired students in taking foreign
language courses.

Description of Project: This free online tool kit will assess the usability
of currently available assistive technologies and software in accessing
foreign language materials and classroom lessons. Primary emphasis will be
on accessing the reading and writing components of critical need languages
including Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and
Turkish (although the information will also be applicable to more commonly
taught languages).

The final product should provide specific reviews of technology, how-to
instructions, analysis of performance, and detailed resources.
Problem-solving tips and alternative solutions to barriers should be
provided when possible, particularly if an assistive device or software has
significant limitations or requires 'work-arounds'.

It is estimated that the final product will be 40 pages or less and will
review 3 - 4 of the most commonly used assistive technology devices and

Project Need: The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE),
administered by Mobility International USA, is looking for consultant(s) to
research and write the proposed project.

Timeline: Final Product due by September 15, 2008 (with drafts reviewed by
the NCDE prior to this date).

Compensation: Fee for service (upon completion). Non-profit rate preferred.
To be negotiated before the estimated starting date of June 1, 2008.

Format: Accessible Microsoft Word document with instructional guides and
resources that can be easily published as an HTML web page.

Use: This will be disseminated for free on the NCDE web site. Mobility
International USA will serve as editor and hold the copyright to the
material; the consultant(s) will be credited as the author(s).

Audience: Foreign language students who are blind or visually impaired, and
the disability providers and teachers who work with them to create
alternative formats, use adaptive technology labs, etc.

Type of Work: This project can be completed by one consultant, a
collaborative team, or different consultants could take on stand-alone
pieces (for example, divided by alternative format or by languages tested)

This project will likely require access to several different types of
braille and audio software and equipment to test and compare functionality
with different foreign languages. MIUSA will not cover expenses of
purchasing such equipment/software, so it will need to be accessed through
other means such as a university language lab or individual ownership.

The project will also require foreign language speakers to confirm accuracy
of output and to review foreign language text to test. This will likely be
minimal collaboration, in which people could volunteer their time.

Some of the writing will first require Internet research, telephone
interviewing and networking with people in the AT/blind community, and
email/calls to organizations, companies and libraries both in the U.S. and
abroad. Payment for these expenses and/or reasonable accommodation assistant
fees to complete the work should be included in the fee for service request.
Any information taken from other sources should be cited/credited or
permission granted for use (if required).

Suggested Outline: The following are areas of need to be addressed in the
Tool Kit. The end product may include some or all of these and/or expanded
categories. The foreign languages to be addressed in the outline below are
the critical need languages cited in the "Description of the Project". NCDE
will provide detailed outlines, questions to consider, some background
resources and contacts to get started.

2.Braille Materials
*Braille differences between countries
*Learning braille code for a specific language
*Availability of braille foreign language materials
*Scanning and embossing in foreign languages
*Notetaking in foreign language classrooms
3.Audio Materials
*Availability of audio texts in foreign languages
*Screen-reading and voice-activated software in reading and recording
foreign languages
*Notetaking in the foreign language classrooms
4.Large Print
*Availability of large print books in foreign languages
*Enlarging software and equipment and producing large print considerations
for foreign languages
5.Readers and Scribes
*Availability of those who know the foreign language
*Ensuring they are trained appropriately in the foreign language

Contact: Send letter of interest and resume to Michele Scheib, NCDE Project
Specialist, Mobility International USA, mscheib at miusa.org, 541-343-1284 ext.

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