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Dann Berkowitz dann at digilifemedia.biz
Sun Nov 16 14:23:17 PST 2008

Thanks Wink -- so many people were throwing committee interests at me so fast it was difficult to keep up.

If anyone has interest in any committees - please let me know. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to track this information.

Best --- Dann

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| Hi Dann,


| I agree wholeheartedly with the enthusiasm you have conveyed about our


| conference!! It was my very first time at AHG, and by far the best

| among

| the number of different ones I have attended in the past 5 years as

| far as

| training and general knowledge/expertise is concerned.


| What a great body of knowledge we have amongst us!


| BTW, Ron and I agreed to co-chair the professional development

| committee.

| We will be searching out a few more members to round out the knowledge

| base

| for us.


| Blessings in abundance,


| Wink



| PS. Where was Ralphie this year?

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| Disability Resources & Services

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