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Thanks George,
Cheers - Dann
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I have not been in contact with anybody from Telex in a long, long time.
There may be an upgrade available, but we have not been notified in at least
a year or two.

I do not recommend the Scholar.

Might the student and yourself be able to get a refund?


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Hi All -

Part of the fun of running Digilife is buying a variety of players and
putting them through their paces. Unfortunately, this is not always a jolly

Case in point is that we have a client who requested DAISY files for use
with a Telex Scholar Plus. This prompted us to add one to our inventory so
that we can quality control the output.

However, we simply cannot get the Telex Scholar Plus to even recognize the
DAISY book burned to CD let alone read it. We have tried several methods of
building DTB but no avail. The player reads MP3 and Audio files just fine so
we know it is not a faulty unit.

I have seen these units play RFB&D files just fine but cannot get it to read
the ones we produce.

Anyone have suggestions? Feel free to contact me off-list.

Thanks --- Dann

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