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Sean is buying the first round in Colorado.

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Subject: staffing changes at the HTCTU

Dear Colleagues:

After being with the High Tech Center Training Unit for almost 7 years,
Sean Keegan will be resigning effective November 21, 2008 to take a
position as Assistant Director of Assistive Technology at Stanford
University. Those of us here at the High Tech Center Training Unit, and
I am sure each of you at colleges and universities around the state and
country, wish Sean all the best in his new position.

We will miss his professional expertise as well as the patience and
thoroughness with which he served as the Web accessibility specialist
for the California community colleges. During his last weeks here at the
High Tech Center, Sean will be involved with helping to develop a
collaborative project with @One designed to produce a web-based training
resource which will help faculty and staff understand the process of
creating fully accessible online resources.

At some point in the near future we will be having Sean's official going
away party. At this point, it looks like a potluck get-together at my
home here in Cupertino. If you live in the South Bay and would like to
attend the potluck,I will give you more information as it becomes available.

I have already begun working with the human resources department at the
Foothill/DeAnza Community college District to fill the soon to be vacant
position. I will post the job announcement as soon as it becomes
available. In the interim, if you know of anyone who you think might be
qualified for this challenging and dynamic position, please let them
know about its coming availability.

Once again, our congratulations and fond farewells to Sean.

Carl Brown, Director
High Tech Center Training Unit
21050 McClellan Road
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 996-6047

The HTCTU provides leadership, training, and support to the California community colleges in using technology to promote the success of students with disabilities.

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