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Hear Hear!

Congratulations Sean!!


Dann Berkowitz wrote:

> Sean is buying the first round in Colorado.


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> Dear Colleagues:


> After being with the High Tech Center Training Unit for almost 7 years,

> Sean Keegan will be resigning effective November 21, 2008 to take a

> position as Assistant Director of Assistive Technology at Stanford

> University. Those of us here at the High Tech Center Training Unit, and

> I am sure each of you at colleges and universities around the state and

> country, wish Sean all the best in his new position.


> We will miss his professional expertise as well as the patience and

> thoroughness with which he served as the Web accessibility specialist

> for the California community colleges. During his last weeks here at the

> High Tech Center, Sean will be involved with helping to develop a

> collaborative project with @One designed to produce a web-based training

> resource which will help faculty and staff understand the process of

> creating fully accessible online resources.


> At some point in the near future we will be having Sean's official going

> away party. At this point, it looks like a potluck get-together at my

> home here in Cupertino. If you live in the South Bay and would like to

> attend the potluck,I will give you more information as it becomes available.


> I have already begun working with the human resources department at the

> Foothill/DeAnza Community college District to fill the soon to be vacant

> position. I will post the job announcement as soon as it becomes

> available. In the interim, if you know of anyone who you think might be

> qualified for this challenging and dynamic position, please let them

> know about its coming availability.


> Once again, our congratulations and fond farewells to Sean.



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