[Athen] Check Out These Three EASI opportunities in November:

Prof Norm Coombs norm.coombs at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 12:03:43 PDT 2008

Check Out These Three EASI opportunities in November:

First, EASI has 2 public Webinars:
Nov. 18, Making Accessible forms in PDF
Nov. 20, Captioning Educational Material on a Large Scale:

Second there is a fee-based 4-part Webinar series, Taming Microsoft Word
and Excel
Everyone registering for this 4-part, month-long series will receive a
bonus of the Barrier-free Handbook on accessible e-learning. (see the
handbook contents at the

bottom of this message).

You can read about the Webinars and register online at:

Third, The month-long online course for November is Barrier-free
E-learning. Its focus is to help institutions demonstrate to faculty ways
to create accessible online

content using software they already know and understand. You can read more
and register online at:

Those who subscribe to the EASI Webinar Annual Membership have free access
to all the fee-based Webinar series and qualify for a 20% discount on all

**** Below is the table of contents for the bonus Barrier-free Handbook:

Norman Coombs, Ph.D.
(c 2007)
(All rights reserved)

What is Distance Learning? 3
Changing Technology 3
Another word about technology 3
The Virtual Classroom 4
Learning management systems 4
Web conferencing systems 5
Electronic Barriers and Ramps for Special Needs Students 5
Who are special needs students? 5
Information Ramp To The Super Highway 6
Electronic Curb cuts 6
How can designing to meet the needs of students with disabilities help in
teaching these other special groups? 8
Tips for Creating Accessible Course Content 14
How much do you really have to know? 14
Section 508 Web accessibility standards 14
Creating accessible content using Word 16
PowerPoint 17
Advantages and Problems of Multimedia 19
Digitized Multimedia 19
Podcasts and vodcasts 20
Some Problems For Students With Disabilities 20
Some Solutions 20
Simple Audio 21
SMIL, You're On The Internet! 21
Multimedia Curb cuts 21
Special Problems of Accessing Technical Disciplines and Special Solutions 22
National Science Foundation 22
Math Problems 22
Braille Math 24
Tactile Drawings 25
Providing Alternatives to Required Print Course Content 25
Electronic Braille and audio-recorded texts 25
Sources of electronic Braille and audio-recorded texts 26
Summary 27
Networking 27
What Do I Want You To Remember? 27
Don't Do It Alone! 27
Focus On Teaching And Learning 28
Appendix A: EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) Resources 28
http://easi.cc 28
Online Courses and the Certificate in Accessible Information Technology 28
Webinars 28
Podcasts 29
Appendix B: Accessible Content Authoring Training Modules 29
Using Microsoft Office Word to Create Accessible Course Content 30
Using PowerPoint to Create Accessible Content 31
Checking Course Content for Its Accessibility 31
Help for More Advanced Content Creators 32
Creating Synchronized Captions for Streaming Multimedia 33

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