[Athen] Recognizing Academic Achievements of Students With Disabilities

Prof Norm Coombs norm.coombs at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 14:54:03 PDT 2008

Recognizing Academic Achievements of Students With Disabilities

Even in the educational community, faculty and administrators frequently
expect that students with disabilities will not succeed, or, at best, they
may just scrape by. Recognizing the real quality achievements of students
with disabilities is a fabulous way to counter this prejudice.
Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society is a national honor society for students with
disabilities who earn membership through actually demonstrating that they
can compete with other students earning superior grades.
You ought to consider establishing a chapter at your campus. This honor
society is spreading to more campuses each year. This is yet another way
to support your students with disabilities. We all need role models to
help give us goals and dreams for ourselves.

EASI has a Web page describing Delta Alpha Pi and including audio
interviews including one with its founder, Dr. Edith Miller from East
Strousburg University, Pa.

Read about Delta Alpha Pi at:

or look for a link on the EASI homepage

Norman Coombs

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