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Now this is what technology innovation is all about! Scan Toaster puts the power of 'miracle toast' into the hands of mere mortals - Engadget

The Scan Toaster connects to a PC over USB and downloads everything from local weather conditions and the current time to the morning’s news headlines - and then burns an image of the information onto your morning toast!

How does this work you ask? - Inside the toaster is a network of toasting “modules”, each heated by a hot wire. Each module can move by 30° and, once the user selects what they want on their toast - excluding a topping, of course - the modules align themselves and burn the appropriate content onto the bread.

That's the good news -- the bad news -- According to the website Register Hardware , no plans to manufacture the toaster on a mass scale have popped up yet (get it -- "popped up" -- I love geek humor!)

Arrrr me laddies - having one of these in the galley would be a perfect method for reminding ye lubbers of the soon to be upon us Talk Like a Pirate Day ! Just imagine burning your favorite pirate sayings into toast to be read longside your morning grog ration!
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