[Athen] Mac Speech & Word Conversion

Dave M. Thomas Dave.M.Thomas at studentlife.du.edu
Thu Sep 25 16:09:33 PDT 2008

Good afternoon!

I have 2 questions this afternoon:

First, I have a student reading PDFs on her Mac, using Mac Speech (the speech synthesizer that comes with the Mac) and who is having difficulty with incredibly slow scrolling. She does not have a vision impairment, but has limited use of the muscles that control eye movement. She can read but is using the scroll function in conjunction with MacSpeech to increase her reading speed. Does anyone know how to have the scrolling keep up with the synthesized reading of the PDF?

Second, a student e-mailed her Word 2007 (Mac) documents but they're all jumbled up when they arrive. I think she needs to save them as Word 2003 files but cannot figure out how to accomplish this. Advice will surely be appreciated!

Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful and informed answers!


Dave Thomas, Assistive Technology Specialist
University of Denver Disability Services Program
2050 E. Evans Ave., Suite #30
Denver, CO 80208

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