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I have made some comments in response to Shelly's questions, others please
give your input as well.


- Does the "wild accommodation" have to be for a higher education
student, or even for a student at all? (I did most of my "wilder" work,
and more creative work, years ago when I worked with individuals who had
developmental and severe physical disabilities -- many did not attend

Given ATHEN's focus on Higher and Adults this would be the context I would
hope to continue. School to Work would also be an appropriate venue, I
think there are a lot of other opportunities to publish for other population

- Are photographs encouraged or discouraged in the e-journal papers?
The previous issues appear to be almost exclusively text, save for some
tables and graphs. (As Yudie the Universal Design Aardvark might say,
"More pictures, please!" ;-)

All forms of media are encouraged as long as they necessary accessibility
attributes are included by the . Sean may have some additional comments as
our webmaster, but I do not want the work to fall to the web committee.

- Previous issues seem to focus on more "scholarly" topics (the kind
you'd expect in professional journals), whereas the current topic, "Wild
Accommodations That Worked" sounds like it would be at home in "Popular
Assistive Technology" (were there such a magazine). Not that that's a
problem -- frankly, I think it's a great topic -- but the theme kind of
calls for a different writing style. Your thoughts on this?

Some issues have been, but not all I don't think. There is a place for
both, and may well be a direction we want to take the ejournal. It is
supposed to be a professional journal but scholarly as well as practitioner
based material is needed since we are not really a profession at this point.

- Is there a specific format or structure you want contributors to
follow in terms of how they describe the accommodation (e.g.,
Background, Statement of Problem, Options Considered, etc.)?

I think we typically leave that up to the Author and guest editor.

Shelley (the "other" Haven ;-)

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Come on, folks! This is a FUN thing to do! And think how good it will
look on your list of accomplishments during your annual review. Share
your stories and inspire your colleagues -- tell us about Wild
Accommodations that Worked today.

Your dedicated editor,


ATHEN E-Journal SECOND Call for Papers

The ATHEN E-Journal requests your contributions for the next issue. Our
topic, decided at the November ATHEN general meeting, is "Wild
Accommodations that Worked." This topic choice rose out of a discussion
of unusual accommodations that several of us had attempted and found to
be highly effective, if somewhat unconventional. We would therefore like
to share stories from throughout the profession to encourage others to
be creative in their use of technology.

Please submit your papers of approximately 5-10 pages (double-spaced)
via email to Teresa.Haven at asu.edu . Papers should conform to APA
composition standards (http://www.apastyle.org/) as well as using proper
(word processor) style tags. Questions are welcome and may be directed
to the same email address. Extended submission deadline is May 31, 2009.

Teresa LW Haven, Ph.D.

Alternate Format Supervisor

Disability Resource Center

Arizona State University

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