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Teresa Haven Teresa.Haven at asu.edu
Tue Apr 14 10:45:07 PDT 2009

Aloha, folks. I'm still open to more input, but in order to let us
proceed with getting this issue on the road and following Ron's and
Sean's responses, here are some new basic guidelines:

All forms of media are fine, so long as the author makes them properly

Writing style can be slightly less formal for this issue; for example,
I'm open to allowing first-person narration ("I", "We") rather than
restricting to third-person ("the author", "the subject"). As Ron says,
this is still intended to be a professional journal, so keep that in
mind as you are composing. If a submitted paper seems too informal,
I'll discuss it with the author(s). As always, I and the publications
committee will perform minor edits as necessary to pull the issue
together into a coherent whole.

As for a particular format, I think this time around, given that we will
have a slightly more relaxed style I will also leave the internal
organization of the paper up to the authors. I like "the First Haven's"
suggestion of major headings such as Background, Statement of Problem,
Solutions Considered, however, and if authors find such structure
useful, please feel free to apply it. I can imagine where, in many
cases, such structure would be appropriate, and a few cases in which it
might not fit the information being shared, so don't want to exclude
potential papers on that ground.

Hope this helps; please put on your thinking caps and start writing
those stories!

Teresa "the Second Haven" ;)

Teresa LW Haven, Ph.D.
Alternate Format Supervisor
Disability Resource Center
Arizona State University

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> All forms of media are encouraged as long as they
> necessary accessibility attributes are included
> by the . Sean may have some additional comments as
> our webmaster, but I do not want the work to fall
> to the web committee.

Pictures, tables, graphs, and audio files are all welcome. I would like

to be able to include movies/video files at some point, but that is on
the "to do" at some point in the future.

It is expected that the article author will include all necessary
information as required to make the content accessible. For pictures,
an alternate text description is required that follows appropriate
standards and guidelines for such content. Same for audio files, etc.

Take care,

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