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E.A. Draffan ea at emptech.info
Wed Apr 15 14:12:02 PDT 2009

Here are some old 2007 notes about the accessibility of Survey Monkey and
Survey Gizmo - the authors chose the latter
7/april/access.html but I know on Webaim there was an update for Survey
Monkey http://www.webaim.org/discussion/mail_thread.php?thread=3495

I just wonder if anyone else has concerns about these two survey tools as to
the way they are hosted, when it comes to data protection if names or IDs
are used? We have decided to try to make sure QuestionMark Perception
surveys can be made accessible with various options, knowing the data
gathered will be on our servers and backed up. However, I realise this is
using costly software.

Best wishes E.A.

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Hi Kenneth,

The survey tool I recommend in SurveyGizmo (http://surveygizmo.com). I'm not
sure how much you get for free, but I've used it, and, I think it's the most
accessible survey tool out there.

Hope this helps.

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