[Athen] connecting 2 PCs running XP

Hadi Rangin hadi at illinois.edu
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Hi Norm,

You have at least 3 options to connect your laptops together:

Option 1. Via the wireless network at your place.
1a. Set the work group name of both computer to the same value like "NC".
To set the work group go to the Computer name tab in
Control panel->System
Modify the workgroups of both computer to the same work group name and
reboot your computers.

1b. Go to
My Network Places->Entire Network->Microsoft Windows Network
There you should be able to see your workgroup name and if you enter on it
you will see all the members of your work group.
1c. Go to the desire computer and folder and map the desired folder using
Tools->Map a network drive

Option 2: Use a hub
You can connect both computers using a simple hub or switch but note that
they still need to have the same work group name in order to access each
others files/folders.

Option 3: Use BlueTooth feature if applicable
Another easy way to connect computers is via the BlueTooth technology but it
requires that both computer support BlueTooth capability and is enabled.

Depending on your computer setting you might not be able to see the external
drives. You might need to enable the file sharing in the Property of the
drives you want to share in your network and set password for it.

I will be glad to walk you through each of these option if you want.


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>I am sure this can be done and probably is not difficulty but I just don't

>understand the steps. . . .


> I have 2 laptops running Windows XP. I'd like to run a cable from a USB

> in one to a similar USB in the other that would let me access files on the

> other's hard drive as if it were an external drive.


> Anyone know what is involved or know where I might find instructions on

> the Internet.


> Norm





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