[Athen] running JAWS on a dual boot MAC

Pratik Patel pratikp1 at gmail.com
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Hello Howard,

I use a Macbook with JAWS 9 in the dual boot environment as well as with
Fusion in JAWS 10. I aven't bothered to upgrade JAWS on the Windows
partition yet. I also have NVDA and system access installed under Fusion.
Lack of the insert key could become a problem. But with the laptop layout,
the capslock key functions well most times.

I've tried using dragon under Fusion but found it problematic only because
of the memory requirements. I'm having my memory upgraded to address the
issue. I don't think there will be a problem once this is addressed.

I have another virtual machine running the Windows 7 beta and a JAWS demo.
This works well too. Some difficulties because of lack of official support
but nothing major.



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Hello Howard,

I have been able to run JAWS 9 and 10 with VMWare fusion. You if your going
to run it on a mac laptop you will need to map the insert key as laptop
keyboard does not have it.

You can map keys in windows with software:

Or you can use keyboard combo for insert key:
On a MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard, press Fn-M.
On a full-sized Mac keyboard, press the Help key.

I just use a standard usb keyboard myself and this works fine.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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On 4/24/09 9:21 AM, "Howard Kramer" <hkramer at colorado.edu> wrote:

Being a MAC idiot (the parameters may go beyond that), I was wondering if
JAWS and other adaptive software can run on a dual boot MAC. We're proposing
a class on usable and accessible media design here at CU and I'm wondering
if a MAC lab would work for this.

(And Sean, if you're out there, send me your gmail account).

Thanks in advance,

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