[Athen] Text to Speech Software and Vista 64 bit

Ed. Rosenthal edward at ngtvoice.com
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IMHO the speech engine in Windows Vista has always struck me as reasonably
accurate; to date our biggest challenge has been that there's not a lot of
user interface, no help files, and the fact that we can only use it in
Microsoft Word environments for direct dictation has been very limiting.
Having said that, for people willing to meet it half way (like Linux) I
think it's viable, and the price is certainly right. I've put up some
informational pages starting with
http://www.ngtvoice.com/products/software/wsr/ and from the right hand
navigation panel there's some additional information including some of the
commands at: http://www.ngtvoice.com/products/software/wsr/commands.htm .
We've not posted information about the macro capability but have done some
scripting in that regard as well and there are some code samples available
(see below).

I also find the product manager's, Rob Chambers, blog helpful... it is
located at:


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This document may have been dictated with speech recognition software.
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I have used the voice recogntion that comes with VISTA but, not on a
consistent basis. My findings are that it works but, my typing is still
faster than dictated text :) (about 55 - 60 WPM) so, I have not persued
using that option.


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The language bar tools are now part of the Vista OS so you should be able to
use the speech recognition with more applications in Vista. In Programs and
Features it is under Speech or you can type "Windows Speech Recognition"
from the start menu Cheers, Karen,

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Greetings, all!

I have a colleague who was using Reading Bar, but with a recent computer
upgrade to Vista 64 bit can no longer use it. Do you know of any
programs--preferably one that reads the Web as well as common MS
products--that work with 64 bit?

I sent a message to tech support of Natural Reader but thought some of you
might have some suggestions.



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