[Athen] New Service to Download RFB&D DAISY books (AudioPlus)

Mike O'Brien m.obrien at hvcc.edu
Mon Apr 27 11:36:42 PDT 2009

Wonderful announcement from RFB&D, but do I dare speculate on the timing of


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I just received some exciting news about RFB&D's new download service and
wanted to share with everyone.

RFB&D has just added a new service for members to download full (AudioPlus)
DAISY books from their library, making it the first group to offer full
audio DAISY textbooks online.

This means that members can go to RFB&D's website to search for and download
a RFB&D DAISY book, and play it on their own authorized DAISY player. This
gives members instant access to RFB&D's large library of books. This is
major step forward from the current method of receiving DAISY books by mail.

Please share this news with any interested parties.

More information can be found at:

Frequently Asked Questions about new Download service

Support about AudioPlus download service

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