[Athen] Dragon 10 and Mouse Grid

Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
Tue Aug 4 10:48:07 PDT 2009

First, when is the last time that the computer was powered off? Remember
that Dragon requires the computer to power down to allow it to "clean up"
after itself. I'd try that whenever this problem occurs to see if it makes
any difference.

Second, Dragon is notorious for not working quite as well on laptops. Part
of it is the ambient noise issue--dictating in different locations sounds
different--but it also just seems to be a Dragon quirk that a number of
laptop users have reported. The ambient noise issue can be aided by doing a
few minutes of general training in each new setting (Tools > Accuracy Center

> Perform General Training).

Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
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Hello all,

I am working with an individual who has been using Dragon for a few
years. While Dragon 10 has been functional, recently there has been
problems with the Mouse Click command and the Choose One (or Choose Two)

Specifically, when the individual says Mouse Click, Dragon responds with
the Mouse Grid. When the individual says Choose One (or Choose Two,
etc.), Dragon responds with entering this text as opposed to actually
selecting the appropriate choice. Both sets of commands have been
retrained several times. The problems also exist when the user holds
the command-key.

According to reports, Dragon does not always do this but rather will
"slip into" this behavior and even restarting the computer does not
always fix this issue. Unfortunately, I have not been able to replicate
this issue as it does not exhibit this behavior for me.

The computer is a one-year old laptop with Windows XP, at least 2GB of
RAM, and a hefty processor. The individual is using a "Nuance approved"
USB-based microphone. For the most part, Dragon is working fine - it
just "slips into" this behavior pattern and remains this way for several

Any ideas to consider? I have been wondering if there is something else
going on (e.g., virus scan, computer indexing, etc.), but am not quite
sure what may be resulting in this behavior.

Take care,

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