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Currently almost none of these materials are accessible. Conversations have
occurred about working with some of these open curriculum groups to develop
production systems that produce fully accessible content but at this point
they are just conversations and are dependent on securing the needed funding
to develop the necessary technology components.

Ron Stewart

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Are all of these print only materials? I see that they met state curriculum
standards but was there also a set of accessibility standards? Audio,
Braille, or if richer media, captioned? I assume there are media format

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The California Governor's Office released information about the Digital
Textbook Initiative for K-12 and which companies have met the state
content standards.


Interestingly, the non-profit organization CK-12
(http://about.ck12.org/) had three textbooks that met 100% of the state
content standards. CK-12 has an open-content model with the materials
licensed under a Creative Commons-Share Alike license. Other open
content educational systems (i.e., Connexions) also did well in some
subject areas.

This certainly does address one issue that comes up in discussions that
"open-source" educational materials are not capable of meeting the
academic rigor necessary for state or other educational standards.

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