[Athen] Assistive technology plug-ins for Microsoft Word?

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There is also the Save as PDF or completely inaccessible XPS format plug-in
that lets you save documents as tagged PDF. It uses the Adobe 1.7 specs for
its tagged PDF in Office 2007.

For Word 2007 there is a Redaction tool: http://redaction.codeplex.com/
A Redaction tool is available for 2003 but from the Microsoft site

Both produce accessible Redacted content in that the Redacted content is
replaced by a series of apostrophes which can be read by screen readers.

These are for the Windows versions as Office for Mac is not accessible using
VoiceOver so don't have any tools for that ...yet....hopefully in the

BTW, In July I received a Microsoft MVP/Most Valued Professional Award for
Word! http://mvp.support.microsoft.com/

Cheers, Karen

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Hi, all!

I'm looking for plug-ins or add-ons to Microsoft Word (Mac or Windows)
that provide it with assistive technology capabilities which are
ordinarily supplied by separate programs. (By "add-on" I mean
something which becomes an integral part of the Word user interface,
like a toolbar, without the need to open another program.) The list
below is what I have so far. What others are you aware of? (I'm sure
I'm missing some obvious ones!)

- Word's built-in Speech toolbar which provides very basic text-to-
speech playback
- Audio Notes toolbar in Word for Mac which synchronizes typed notes
with recorded audio
- WordTalk -- text-to-speech plug-in with highlighting
- Ginger Software -- contextual spelling and grammar checker
- Ghotit plug-ins for spellcheck, dictionary, and text-to-speech
- "Save as DAISY" translator

Thanks in advance,

Shelley Haven ATP, RET
Assistive Technology Consultant
Shelley at TechPotential.net

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