[Athen] Anyone using IE 8?

Kestrell kestrell at panix.com
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I use Firefox as my default browser with Jaws as my screen reader, and a
couple of days ago I was doing accessibility testing for someone who had
gotten a complaint from a blind user that her Web site was not accessible.
It looked fine to me in Firefox, but when I looked at it in IE8, I got a 404
error. Since then I have heard from other screen reader users that IE8 has
some access issues with Web sites using CSS. I notice that the National
Braille Press just put out a guide for using IE8 with a screen reader, so I
think a number of issues might be a mater of learning about what basically
looks like a new interface with a lot of new commands and settings.

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>I have not heard about IE 8 problems or successes.

> Is there any noticeable difference in the interface?

> Is it better or worse in working with a screen reader than IE 7?





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