[Athen] Kurzweil 3000 Web licensing error with 64 bit Windows Vista

Todd Schwanke tschwanke at wisc.edu
Mon Aug 31 11:20:47 PDT 2009


Not sure how many of you are using 'web licensing' for Kurzweil 3000. If you are, FYI that if you install it on the 64 bit version of Vista you likely will encounter an error when trying to login. "ERROR: invalid customer name". The 'Site Name' is in the registry, but is not in the place where Kurzweil 3000 is looking for it.

If you contact Kurzweil support, they can help you either manually edit the registry or send you the updated site name utility that can be used to put the 'site name' in the right place

We have been using web licensing for a while, but are just now starting to see students come in with 64 bit versions of Windows because freshman tend to have new computers. Note that this error is only a problem with the 64 bit Windows Vista.

Todd Schwanke
McBurney Disability Resource Center

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