[Athen] System Access by Serotek

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Tue Dec 1 13:21:02 PST 2009

I have work with several institutions that are using System Access as their
primary campus screen reader and for a system like Blackboard it is
functionally equivalent.

Ron Stewart

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Hi all.

I just received a call from a student whose case manager was proposing that
they purchase System Access by Serotek in lieu of JAWS. This student will
be in an online Master's program using Blackboard (as well as other tools
required for the online course). The student was asking for our advice on
this. While I have read some good reviews of System Access, I would be
concerned that it might not be as effective with Blackboard as JAWS. But I
would be interested in input from those on the list who have worked with
System Access. Has anyone tried it with Blackboard or other course
management systems?

Many thanks!



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