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Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at msu.edu
Tue Dec 1 13:36:14 PST 2009

Over all, there are some areas in which Jaws is still more functional
than System access; but having said that, I believe that System Access
has actually surpassed jaws in terms of web browsing with Internet
If your student will primarily be working on web based systems, and
using Microsoft Word to write papers, etc, then System Access should be
more than sufficient. If the student has had extensive experience with
Jaws in the past, then I would advise purchasing the Eloquence option
for System Access, at a cost of an additional $25.00. Eloquence is the
synthesizer used by Jaws, and often, transitioning to a new speech
synthesizer can be as difficult, if not more so than transitioning to an
entirely new screen reader.

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