[Athen] where are you getting your accessibility info?

Shelley Haven shelley at techpotential.net
Sat Dec 5 11:33:17 PST 2009

That's a great question. I rely mostly on e-mail lists and the like.
As new means of sharing information are developed, we become inundated
with not only the amount of information shared but the number of
different "channels" to attend in order to get that info -- e-mail,
websites, private boards, social media, paper (magazines, journals,
newsletters, product literature, books), as well as the usual
meetings, phone calls, etc., which also generate an information
trail. I find I am more productive if I limit the channels to those
which best fit my working style in terms of requesting information,
contributing, keeping abreast of new info, and searching for something
later ("I know I read that somewhere..."), and at this point, the e-
mail lists serve my needs and working style better than the social
media. But of course, that could change.

- Shelley

Shelley Haven ATP, RET
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On Dec 5, 2009, at 7:06 AM, Jennison Mark Asuncion wrote:

> Hello,


> With social media becoming ever more popular, I'm personally curious

> where folks are turning to most often when seeking accessibility-

> related information: e-mail discussion lists, social media, or a

> combination of the two?


> I've been a faithful e-mail discussion list user since I started

> using the internet in the mid-90s. However, over the last few years,

> especially with the advent of Twitter, I'm finding some of the

> richer accessibility info is being communicated through social

> media. One of my concerns is that there may be a

> gap that is growing in terms of accessibility info sharing based on

> which channel folks use. Of course, who has the time to monitor and

> contribute to everything


> This is something I've been reflecting upon for a bit, and thought

> I'd take a temperature check.


> I'm asking a similar question on Twitter and LinkedIn as well. If

> folks are interested, I can compile the answers I receive and share

> a high-level summary in a few weeks.


> Jennison


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