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That's right - it's an accessible ebook reader.


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I believe the ultimate goal is that the software be platform-independent
-- something that will run on Macs, PCs, various mobile devices,
netbooks and tablets, etc. Here's a quote from Publisher's Weekly,
followed by a link to the article:

Kurzweil explained that the K-NFB e-reader software will run on laptops
and desktop computers (PCs and Macs) as well as netbooks and mobile
phones-Windows mobile and the iPhone right away with other mobile phone
operating sytems added as quickly as possible. The software can read any
format from straight text to PDF and ePub.


- Shelley

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On Dec 15, 2009, at 1:52 PM, B.G.Whitehouse at lboro.ac.uk wrote:

I've just read in teh RNIB's Access IT magazine about this
venture between Baker and Taylor and Kurzweil to produce the new K-NFB
ereader. To be clear, I mean the ereader which is supposed to give us
access to ebooks, not the scanning software. Does anyone know anything
about it, and what mobile phone should it be put on? Guy

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