[Athen] Best practise for threads in discussions.

Hadi Rangin hadi at illinois.edu
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I just wanted to add to what Patrick and Sean said.

For online forum, the best method would be to use a combination of (ordered)
list and proper heading to the beginning of each responses.

For regular e-mailing, it is very important that:
1. you quote only the section of the original e-mail that you want to
respond and delete all extra surrounding text.
2. you do not re-attach your signature file over and over. Most e-mail
programs/webmail application have an option to disable this feature.
3. when forwarding an e-mail, you remove all unnecessary e-mail headers.
Keep only From, To/CC (if there are just a few), and subject line. I
guarantee that screen reader users will appreciate and be more eager to read
your e-mails if they are cleaner.


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> This is a question I have just received and my feeling is that we need to

> get better at using subject lines correctly, but please can anyone give me

> some pointers to good practice.


> "I've been asked what would be the best way of conveying nesting structure

> to screenreader users so that they could understand whether a reply was to

> the original message in the thread or to a subsequent message. Do you have

> any opinions or resources on that issue?"


> Many thanks.


> Best wishes E.A.


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