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It's Dragon NaturallySpeaking with some added bells and whistles.

It can be used for real time captioning, as well as to create transcripts
for videos.

The rate of accuracy is totally dependent on how clearly the person speaking
enunciates and how well s/he has trained Dragon.

If you're considering purchasing it, I would suggest trying Dragon by itself
first. If you like the results with Dragon, you will probably be happy with
the product.

Do be aware, though, that the weak link with Caption Mic is finding and
training someone to use it. The company does not offer adequate support in
this area, in my opinion, and without trained personnel, the product is

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Hi Guys,

Our college is looking to use Caption Mic for our captioning needs. Has
anyone had any experience of using it? From what I've read I'm assuming it's
to provide real time captioning for online audio output.

Can it be used for video?

What is the rate of accuracy from audio output to captioning?


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Caption Mic -remote captioning for CART and Distance Learning.

Creating classroom access for a deaf and hard of hearing student has always
been an expensive and challenging proposition.

Caption Mic changes that.

Caption Mic gives you control over the resources, costs and process of
creating captions for individual students and distance learning classes.

Our newest feature allows the voice captioner (VC) to work outside of the
classroom. They can be at a central spot on campus, in their own homes or
across the country. This gives you greater flexibility and more options to
provide CART services. And it provides your students with the access that
they need and the independence and anonymity they deserve.

How does it work?

Caption Mic can use your existing Distance Learning platform or platforms
such as Elluminate to create a path for both the classroom audio and the
caption data. The VC hears the audio and creates the captions. The captions
appear on the student notebook computer.

Additional benefits.

The caption data can be saved as notes for the student and can also be used
to create caption files for both your live and your on-demand distance
learning classes. A further benefit of captioning your media is the ability
to index and search your media based on the timed caption data.

Caption Mic - the basics

Caption Mic has been in use in classrooms since 2004. A person (voice
captioner) trains the software to their voice and then repeats what the
speakers are saying in a class. The captions can be displayed in a variety
of manners. The VC adds punctuation verbally, identifies speakers and adds
vocabulary as necessary.

The VC can be an existing staff member or a new hire. 100% of all native
speakers can create a voice profile in under two hours. 60 to 70% of people
have the innate ability to mimic or repeat what they hear. Training time
varies from person to person. Some do very well within two days and others
need to practice for several weeks.

Typical labor rates for a Caption Mic VC range from $10 to $15 per hour.

What is required:

Captioner in the classroom

Caption Mic software

Windows computer with XP Pro

mask microphone

Remote captioner

Caption Mic software

Windows computer with XP Pro

headset microphone (VC)

wireless microphone (classroom)

Student wireless notebook (Mac or PC)

High speed internet access for both the VC and the classroom

Caption Mic helps you decrease your costs and increase access for your
hearing impaired students.

For more information on Caption Mic please watch our videos on YouTube:

Caption Mic - Remote captioning for CART and Distance Learning


Caption Mic Classroom


Caption Mic - Postproduction Captioning


All of our YouTube videos are captioned using Caption Mic and Caption Wrap.

Please contact me if I can be of further service.


Mark Hall

Mark Hall Sales Associates LLC


419-574-5125 (fax)

<http://www.mhsa.us/> www.mhsa.us

<mailto:mark at mhsa.us> mark at mhsa.us

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