[Athen] OCR for Documents with Neat Handwriting?

Phillip A. Goodman goodman at eri-wi.org
Fri Feb 20 10:12:04 PST 2009

There is a product that I haven't tried for some years now so I can't vouch
for it's performance. At the time I tried it you needed a fairly large
sample and had to make manual corrections to improve the accuracy. Maybe it
has improved. In any event they have a 14 demo so it couldn't hurt to try!


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We have a professor who uses a hand written reader for his course that a
student needs in audio format (either through recording or e-text). It is
very neatly printed (not script), but has a slight italic look to it.
Standard OCR attempts do OK on the blocky all caps titles, but when it gets
to the paragraphs that look more like italic the recognition has too many
errors to be edited.

Before we engage on more manual attempts at converting this to e-text or a
digital recording, does anyone have any software suggestions, tips/tricks,
or processes that might work on fairly neat handwriting? We've tried
FineReader & Scansoft settings in Kurzweil and Microsoft Document Imaging.

I can email a snippet off-list if that is helpful to see.

Thanks, Todd

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