[Athen] Elluminate - accessibile or not?

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Wed Feb 25 09:10:14 PST 2009

Hi all,

Our campus is piloting Elluminate this quarter. It has been a mixed
bag for me using Jaws.

They made substantial improvements in Elluminate 9 (released
November-ish, 2008). The menus now work reliably via keyboard, & you
can tab to all the controls. For efficient use it would still need a
few more key commands to jump to the different areas of the screen.

It did take me a while to get the audio working just right, but I
never had the severe problems that Hadi describes. (Perhaps different
soundcard setups, or ... who knows?)

The Whiteboard section & Participant list still don't work for me. I
will be submitting these & a series of minor issues in our feedback
report to the Elluminate company.


At 06:19 AM 2/25/2009, Heidi Scher wrote:

>Good morning all!


>Is anyone familiar with the product called Elluminate Learning

>Suite? Our institution is considering its use as a campus-wide

>solution for web conferencing and possibly more uses as well. It

>will be under review over the next few week, and I want to be ready

>with any questions related to accessibility.


>I would greatly appreciate any wisdom or helpful hints anyone has

>related to Elluminate!!



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