[Athen] Strange issue with Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a Vista Machine?

Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 27 10:25:03 PST 2009

> The system in question is a Lenovo Thinkpad T400 with 4 gigs of ram,

> running the 32 bit version of Vista Enterprise and Dragon

> NaturallySpeaking version 10.

What version of Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 (e.g., Preferred, Standard, Professional, etc.)?

Is the laptop being attached to an external display?

> However, he is unable to dictate into applications such as Word and Outlook.

What version of Outlook is being used?

Can the user dictate into DragonPad and then copy/paste the content into the application?

Take care,

Sean Keegan
Associate Director, Assistive Technology
Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University

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