[Athen] Dragon/MathTalk/Scientific Notebook info

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Why not contact NanciLu McLellan at Metroplex Computers in Dallas.they're
the manufacturer of MathTalk. I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear from

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We have been trying to get our Dragon/MathTalk/Scientific Notebook set up
for quite a while now and nothing we have tried seems to work. Our Office of
Technology Services seems to think they have it fixed ( and close the work
request) and we are left with no functionality for students. Can anyone send
me links to ADA Law and to any recent use of the law against a Community
College or University that would help me up the interest of administration
to get the problems addressed? I have fifteen computers in my lab that need
serious attention as on a daily basis at least three will blue screen and
dump all physical memory. Iit is never the same three at a time. The high
speed scanner and PC it is attached to are non-functional and my office
machine on which I work to create alt. format is also blue screening on a
daily basis. I have been trying to get across to our OTS and my supervisor
that the Assistive Technology Lab needs some serious work before the fall
semester begins, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I have a student
currently in a math class that needs to be able to use the Dragon setup to
do his assignments. Any help or advice would be a tremendous help. gh

gh business card.bmp 1999 ATACP Houston, TX

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