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Paul Harpur p.harpur at qut.edu.au
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Gday Wink,

I’m totally blind so from a print disability perspective I found important questions were:

Is there a prescribed textbook and are the readings available electronically;
If they are color blind they should make sure they tell the professor so they can avoid putting green and reed on power points;
If the professor is referring to power points ask the professor to either make the power points available before class or make sure they read out the content in the class.

I’m now in academia but some problems I find other students have are:
Not all rooms have sufficient power sockets for every laptop so I used to carry a power board;
Make sure the student can access the website using their adaptive technology. If they are not up to speed with that they are in major problems. There are people who can provide training on adaptive technology and it is great to get trained.
Leave sufficient time to get mobilized around campus.

I attach a short manual I developed for law students at my university,


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Hi all ATHENites and DSSHEs,

Have any of you run across or developed an online readiness survey for your
students with disabilities to take in advance of their signing up for online
classes? Can you recommend questions to ask? I'm working on a research project
for our CTL (center for teaching & learning) to add info. for the faculty
from a student readiness perspective.

Any surveys or info you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
for your collective wisdom.

Blessings in abundance,

Ms. Wink Harner
Disability Resources & Services
Mesa Community College
Mesa AZ
wink.harner at mcmail.maricopa.edu

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