[Athen] online readiness surveys

Jennison Mark Asuncion asuncion at alcor.concordia.ca
Sat Jun 6 10:01:48 PDT 2009


Depending on what you are hoping the data to inform, here is my $0.02:

1. previous online learning experience - Is this the first online
learning course you have taken? If
not, what was your previous experience like? (the second half could
be a rating
question where you could drill-down around overall previous experience and
2. overall computer knowledge - How would you rate your level of
experience using a computer? (novice/intermediate/advanced - you could ask
this type of question re experience with the Internet, applicable adaptive
technology, and so on)
3. comfort level - this could be a rating 1-6 on items such as with
online learning, with computers in general, adaptive tech, and so on.
4. Overall demo type questions such as where the student will primarily be
accessing the online learning course, potential types of adaptive
technology they use, self-selection re type of disability//impairment of
the learner, might all be helpful.
5. A question around why the student chose to take an online learning
course would also be useful.

Hope this helps.


Jennison Asuncion
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