[Athen] <experience with Automatic Sync Technologies> Are any of these lecture capture system more accessible than others?

Alice Anderson alice.anderson at doit.wisc.edu
Fri Jun 26 12:34:32 PDT 2009

E.A. ...

We are doing a campus 'beta/pilot test' with Automatic Sync
Technologies - hoping to find a campus solution
for the many media captioning needs we have. We pre-paid Automatic
Sync to purchase X/hrs
of transcribing &/or captioning. Several departments are involved, and
have sent in files for one
or more of the following - Mov, WMV, FLV, DVD,
Mediasite (lecture capture), eTEACH (presentation tool),
podcast, YouTube, etc. etc..
Files sent to Automatic Sync have ranged from
a few minutes to several hours of lecture ... all with excellent
results (as of this post).

We are about 25% in to the beta project, and are working closely with
Automatic Sync to
create workflows when needed (e.g., eTEACH, Mediasite) ... and have
another beta
project for a lecture capture system on the horizon that will be
included in this captioning beta.

We're building a case for the campus for lower prices from 'quantities-
of-scale' ... to save the
campus $$$'s by working together ... and more so ... in order to
comply with our
campus web policy which requires web based video and audio to have
captions and
transcripts ... we need to have a campus one-stop solution.

Stay tuned - we're finding the Automatic Sync website is rich with
help documents
and information http://www.automaticsync.com/caption/index.htm, and
have been
incredibly patient and helpful with our many players, questions and

Let me know if you have specific questions that I did not address.


Alice Anderson
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Telephone: 608.262.2129

On Jun 26, 2009, at 7:40 AM, E.A. Draffan wrote:

> Educause - Lecture Capture Systems: Are They Worth It?

> http://www.educause.edu/Resources/LectureCaptureSystemsAreTheyWo/

> 163626


> They seem to be using Media Site and Tegrity and retention improves

> but

> sadly no data on whether the systems are accessible. We have used

> Impatica

> and Camtasia and even Wink and Camstudio in conjunction with other

> software

> to produce multimedia outputs, but accurate simultaneous transcription

> remains the main issue.


> I am wondering if anyone has tried CaptionSync?

> http://www.automaticsync.com/caption/lecturecapture.htm


> Best wishes E.A.


> Mrs E.A. Draffan

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> ECS, University of Southampton,

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> Subject: Are any of these lecture capture system more accessible than

> others?


>> From what the salespeople said these systems are being used by may

>> schools.


> So to be more specific in my request. We are looking at Panopto,

> Echo 360,

> Media Site, Apple Podcast Producer, Tegrity, Accordent to be used for

> lecture capture at our university. I have been asked to get more

> information on them and how accessible they are.


> Are there others that we should look at?


> Have you used any of these systems? What are the concerns for their

> use by

> our students?



> Thanks

> Gerry


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