[Athen] Remote realtime Captioning?

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Al-I'm hoping to do a presentation on the topic of using speech to text
software capabilities for real-time captioning at the October ATIA
conference in Chicago (Schaumburg). I'm not sure if this is on-topic, but I
do have some information posted at:


Hope that helps. -ed.

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Just curious as to whether others are offering any internet based remote
realtime captioning services to students? If so, what sort of setup are you
using? Currently, We are experimenting with the process. We've cobbled
together a system that works as follows;

Student takes a laptop to class. The laptop has Skype and the Lotus Unyte
desktop sharing software installed. Student skypes the captioner and they
begin desktop sharing.

In some of our big lecture halls, when available, we have connected the
student's laptop directly into the room's FM system.

Over all, results have been mixed. When things work, they work relatively
well; However, audio reception of questions from other students is
problematic. We've also experienced any number of internet/bandwidth
related issues. I think many of those are due to the fact that students are
typically connected to the net via wireless. I've recommended we hard wire
whenever possible; but that's often easier said than done.

In any case if others are doing this sort of thing, I would be very
interested in sharing experiences.

Thanks in advance,

Al Puzzuoli

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