[Athen] STEM Image Description for Digital Talking Books

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Sun Mar 29 06:00:30 PDT 2009

Morning all,

The topic of how to provide descriptive text to images comes up regularly
and here are some new guidelines that you may find useful.

Ron Stewart

>From: Bryan Gould <bryan_gould at wgbh.org>


>The WGBH National Center for Accessible Media announces

>research-based Guidelines for Describing STEM Images for use within

>Digital Talking Books.




>These guidelines are the result of a seminal effort, funded by the

>National Science Foundation, to develop recommended practices for

>descriptions of science, technology, engineering and math images

>within digital talking books (DTBs). The work was jointly undertaken

>by leading organizations that pioneered description for visually

>impaired users and are currently shaping national policy and

>practices for the provision of accessible materials in electronic formats.


>NCAM staff will be providing training for implementing these STEM

>Description Guidelines at conferences and through webinars. If you

>or your organization would like to participate in a webinar, please

>contact Bryan Gould, bryan_gould at wgbh.org


>Thank you to the many, many of you who participated in this project

>during the research phase and to those of you who have expressed

>interest in the outcome. Implementing the recommendations provided

>in these Guidelines will be a significant step in providing

>independent access to STEM material for students and professionals.


>Thank you,



>Bryan Gould


>Media Access Group

>Descriptive Video Service

>Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media


>WGBH Educational Foundation

>One Guest Street

>Boston, MA 02135

>bryan_gould at wgbh.org

>617 300-3472



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