[Athen] Metrics to quantify value of AT and Accessibility

Mary J. Ziegler maryz at MIT.EDU
Mon May 18 11:47:32 PDT 2009

Dear Colleagues:

I have been asked to determine both "metrics that quantify the value" and
"unit costs" of the Assistive Technology and Accessibility services provided
by my team.

To date, I have been gathering and providing the following metrics:
- Adaptive Technology consultations and demonstrations, number of.
- Students using our AT Lab, number of
- Accessibility Reviews, number performed
- Average time spent on individual requests (AT demos, trainings, Alt. Media

I have been told these metrics are not good at showing value or cost.
While I can calculate the cost of staff time and equipment, I have been
asked to come up with a "unit" or "item" more directly tied to our work,
such as average time each student costs or average cost per accessibility
review. Then, I need to tie a metric to it that measures the value of that
expenditure to the Institute. It seems I must come up with hard numbers to
back up our mission; clearly stating the legal mandates directing our
services has not helped to exempt me from this exercise. (Is there such a
thing as published costs of lawsuits?)

Alas, I would greatly benefit from hearing what metrics you gather and pass
on to administrators regarding your Assistive Technology and Accessibility
work and/or any advice you have on responding to this directive. Thank you
in advance... all advice is appreciated!


Mary J. Ziegler
Team Leader, Adaptive Technology Information Center (ATIC)
MIT Information Services and Technology (IS&T)
ATIC Room 7-143
maryz at mit.edu

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