[Athen] ADA as pertains to classroom interactions

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Try this. A bit old but still quite useful and from a source that
faculty will generally respect.


Making Accommodations: The Legal World of Students with Disabilities

The law requires colleges and universities to make special arrangements
for students with disabilities, but not by lowering academic standards.

By Paul D. Grossman


My brother sat in the wheelchair he had used for the past five years,
ever since cancer had reached his spine in 1991. As a teacher and a
disability lawyer, I was curious to find out whether he regretted
entering and persevering through law school well after he understood
that his cancer would never remit. His response to my query was
remarkably clear. Attending law school had been one of the wisest
choices in his life. As his body gradually lost the physical indicia of
life-eating, sex, and mobility-he remained a human being, affirmed by
his ability to think, learn, and persuade. Only his deep faith matched
the opportunity to learn in sustaining his spirit through an otherwise
terrible journey to the end of his life.

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I have been asked to provide "An understanding of how ADA standards
pertain to faculty with regards to accessibility in the classroom." I am
going through references online but wondered if anyone had any
documentation they could share quickly. We are in the process of
Strategic Planning and now would be a good time to put ideas in our
documents that would have an impact on services provided by our
institution. I welcome any advice and thank you for your help. gh

Glenda Hong

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